Area Scan Camera


Genie cameras are based on high quality, highly sensitive CCD and CMOS image sensors with global shutter and are available in a variety of resolutions ranging from VGA to 4096 x 3072 in both color and monochrome.

Color Genie cameras feature white balancing and advanced Bayer conversion to produce crisp and accurate color images. With lensing options that include mounts for C- or CS-type lenses and right-angle lens, the Genie family offers flexibility for almost any application.

How does an area scan camera work?

Area scan cameras are often used in most of image capturing applications for industrial processes, manufacturing industries namely: Semiconductor, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Precision Engineering, Plastics, Logistics, Automobile, Food & beverage and etc. The sensor used in the area scan camera has the ability to generate a two-dimensional image in one exposure cycle.

Area scan camera needs to be used in conjunction with a built-in CPU processor or embedded controller that has an image processing software. Area scan camera is a digital camera for industrial use that requires a trigger signal or a command to snap an image by pixel format; for instance 2450x2048 (5MP). There are many models with different resolutions, from 0.3MP to 25MP.

Advancement of new technologies, area scan camera not only has Mono and Colour, it also has Infra-red, polarized and 3D. Together with new AI & machine learning capabilities, Cameras now can offer better solutions to tackle tough applications on product defective in terms of verification, identification, flaw detection, measurement and positioning.

- An area scan camera with global shutter can use in both stationary and on-the-fly applications
- An area scan camera with large format sensor can handle high accuracy detection for a bigger Field of View (FOV).
- An area scan camera with high frame rate, e.g 800 fps, can capture 800 frame per seconds.
- Area scan cameras with Multi Region of Interest (ROIs) feature can be programmable to extract useful image data of multiple small regions area and can transfer image faster than a whole large image.

  • Space & cost saving, Multi ROI and Turbo Drive, CMOS, Global Shutter, Mono, Colour  and NIR Camera
  • Range from 640×480 to 2592×2048 pixel format

Multi-ROI Windows (in-sensor), up to 16 ROIs

  • Capture only the data you need – for increased throughput

Burst acquisition

  • Grab at the highest sensor rate to capture fast events

General purpose counter and timer

  • Centralise acquisition controls never miss an event or strobe

Trigger-to – Image Reliability

  • Improved system reliability and customer confidence
  • Packet re-send statistics
  • Over-trigger event monitors
  • In-camera image accumulation count
  • Mono, Colour and high speed CCD Global Shutter Camera
  • Range from 640×480 to 1600×1200 pixel format

Global Shuttering













Available C-mount & M42 mount with F-mount adapter

  • High resolution cameras – 2MP, 5MP, 8MP and 12MP
  • Mono for all models and colour for selected models

5 Powerful features:

  HDR Imaging


Burst Mode

Multiple ROI

JPEG Compression