A smart camera are an all-encompassing unit that combines computational processing and image capturing capabilities. Built for easy deployment and to work within all kinds of conditions, the smart camera is a cost effective solution for your manufacturing operations.


BOA is a highly integrated vision system in a compact “smart” camera format engineered specifically for factory floor automation. With application software embedded, BOA offers new and experienced users alike, an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective vision solution for single point industrial inspections.

Low cost high value model:

  • Slim line form factor
  • 0.3MP & 1.3MP CMOS Mono global shutter
  • 0.3MP CMOS Color global shutter
  • Choice of M12 or C-mount lens
  • Integrated lights for M12 version
  • Easy-to–use GUI
  • Embedded vision tools  for matching, counting, feature finding & measuring applications
  • Built-in  communication protocols:
    – RS232, Ethernet/IP & PROFINET
  • FTP image transfers


Low to Mid  range model: Mono  and Colour  options:

  • Small form factor: 44x44x44 mm
  • IP67 housing
  • M4 mounting holes on each surface
  • 0.3MP to 2MP CCD global shutter
  • C-mount lens
  • 3 engines: FPGA, DSP & CPU
  • 3 Choices of Speed Performance
  • BOA (720Mhz), BOA50  (1Ghz)& BOA200 (1.2Ghz Dual Core)
  • Built-in  vision  software
  • I/O expansion  available: 8 in 8 out
  • Communication Ethernet , RS232 , Profinet & Modbus
  • Direct Access PLC data memory  ( Selectable PLC)

High resolution global shutter CMOS sensor (Mono):

  • 3 resolution models –2MP, 3MP and 5MP
  • Dual core 1.5 GHz processor
  • Compact design & IP67 included internal lights,
  • Relatively large size physical pixel: 5um
  • Good mounting options: all front, back & side
  • Space saving of  the cable outlets
  • Gigabit Ethernet for fast transmission,
  • More built-in I/O: 3 programmable inputs and 3 programmable outputs
  • Standard Communication protocols:  EthernetIP, Modbus, Profinet, RS232 & interacting with 3rd party PLCs
  • Built-in collimator and integrated light for 2MP
  • Built-in Inspect Express software with extensive vision tools

If you have any queries regarding our smart cameras or our smart vision technology, feel free to contact Bestell Solutions – vision systems expert at +65 6547 4162.