Food & Packaging Verification

As food and packaging line speeds increase and automation replaces manual inspection, maintaining product and packaging integrity and quality is critical for end users. Assuring date and lot codes are correct and legible is vital for food and beverage packagers.

Incorrect, missing or illegible code could result in a lack of product traceability leading to production downtime or product recalls.

In addition, packagers need assurance their food containers are free of contaminants before filling and properly sealed afterwards.

For these applications, industrial machine vision plays an important role in quality control for OCR, measurement, or counting of bottles, cans, containers, labels, foods, pills, and more.

Food & Packaging Applications

  • Detect proper fill levels
  • Verify caps are on items and are correctly secured
  • Ensure safety seal is present
  • Verify a barcode or 2D matrix code
  • Read OCR strings
  • Verify the placement and quality of labels
  • Count and verify items in a package
  • Color inspection

Machine Vision Tools

  • 1D barcode and 2D matrix readers for traceability, sorting and process control
  • Label inspection tools for verifying placement, print quality and correctness of labels
  • OCR for reading printed characters and symbols
  • Pattern recognition to calculate variations in label location and orientation
  • Color tools to measure amount and location of colored elements such as foodstuffs
  • Counting tools to determine number of items and indicate missing items
  • Blob analysis tools for counting and dimensioning areas of similar color or contrast on the item
  • Measurement tools to determine fill levels and verify safety seal

Presence of Tamper Proof Safety Seal

Laser Date Code Inspection

Presence And Assembly Of Bottle Caps

Carrier Tape Measurement & Deformation Check

Presence And Correctness Of Characters

Label Presence, Placement and Integrity