Electronics Verification

To keep pace with shrinking geometries, machine vision inspection systems can deliver the image resolution and processing performance required for high-speed component and assembly verification in the Electronics industry.

These demanding applications involve machine inspection at multiple stages in the manufacturing process, from part selection and assembly to final verification and tracking. Every part, every connection, every assembly and every package needs to be verified to ensure the highest quality product.

Electronics Applications

  • Size, shape and position of stamped connector pins and other stamped components
  • Connectors, cables and other assemblies
  • Placement and orientation of ICs, keys and other components used in electronic assemblies
  • Product identification marks such as matrix tracking codes, pin 1 indicators, model, manufacturing date and lot codes
  • Surfaces for cracks, scratches, dents and discoloration
  • Part identification and orientation for robotic pick and place
  • LCD assembly and operation

Machine Vision Tools

  • Pattern matching tools for locating and identifying parts or features for alignment
  • Edge tools for detecting the presence, absence or position of features
  • Measurement tools for checking dimensional accuracy
  • Barcode (1D and 2D) readers for product identification and tracking
  • Print recognition (OCR) tools for product identification, tracking and readability
  • Count tools for verifying the number of parts or features
  • Surface flaw tools for detecting scratches, cracks and discoloration
  • Color tools for verifying the amount and location of colored elements

Verify The Number Of Pins And Identification Markings On An Ic

Exposed Copper On PCB

2D Code And Pins Check

Verify Stamped Connector Terminals On A Reel

IC Mould 5D Images Check

Led Lights verification