Automotive & General Manufacturing

Automotive & General Manufacturing Verification

Manufacturers around the world apply vision technology to improve quality control, increase throughput, and automate tasks.

Teledyne Dalsa vision products serve demanding applications in a wide variety of manufacturing systems guiding robots, tracking parts and verifying every step of thousands of diverse assembly/production processes.

Automotive & General Manufacturing Applications

  • Guide a robot for assembly or welding
  • Verify the correct orientation of a part or assembly
  • Count the number of welds, teeth, slots, or other such features
  • Read a barcode, 2D matrix code, or stamped characters
  • Perform a critical dimensional measurement
  • Check for surface defects before painting
  • Determine the location, diameter, and roundness of a hole
  • Verify the integrity and uniformity of an adhesive bead or gasket
  • Communicate with 3rd party equipment such as robots, PLCs, HMIs, and remote storage

Machine Vision Tools

  • Pattern matching tools for locating and identifying parts or features for alignment
  • Edge tools for detecting the presence, absence, or position of features
  • Measurement tools for checking dimensional accuracy
  • Barcode (1D and 2D) readers for product identification and tracking
  • Print recognition (OCR) tools for product identification, tracking, and readability
  • Count tools for verifying the number of parts or features
  • Surface flaw tools for detecting scratches, cracks, and discoloration
  • Color tools for verifying the amount and location of colored elements.

Guide Robots To Pick And Install Parts On Assemblies

Verifying Part Features, Such As Gear Teeth

Spring Height And Diameter Measurement

Spring Height And Diameter Measurement

Product Crack Line Detection

Automotive Parts Verification