Medical & Pharmaceutical Verification

The medical and pharmaceutical industries are the most highly regulated industries in the world with quality requirements at 100%.

Today’s production lines utilize the latest in automation technology to ensure manufacturing quality to meet FDA compliance.

For these demanding applications, machine vision systems are widely used to verify codes, determine package integrity and provide product traceability within all areas of the supply chain.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Safety seal, cap and fill levels
  • Product date and lot code
  • Package unit dose code
  • Package contents
  • Pipette, needle and staple integrity
  • Label position and contents
  • Surfaces for contamination

Machine Vision Tools

  • 1D barcode and 2D matrix readers for traceability, sorting and process control
  • OCR for reading printed characters and symbols
  • Label inspection tools for verifying placement, print quality and correctness of labels
  • Counting tools to determine number of items and indicate missing items
  • Color tools to distinguish and verify colored elements such as pills and identifying graphics
  • Measurement tools to determine fill levels and verify safety seal
  • Positioning tools to determine product location and orientation
  • Surface flaw tools to detect scratches, cracks or discolorations
  • Laser line tools to measure product height profiles

Fill Level On Disposable Vaccine Injection Syringes

Lot And Date Code Validation

Capsule Size Checking

Embedded Particles Detection

Needle Tip Inspection

Medical Tube Insertion Position Check