The function of a bundle pack inspection machine

Posted by bestell on October 31, 2018

Category: Machine vision
  A bundle pack inspection machine is used in the manufacturing industry to maintain quality control more accurately and swiftly than manual inspection. It contains a high-speed camera to inspect, process and record the data of the products and their packaging. This serves as a useful tool in identifying defects within the manufacturing process that could cause product recalls. To be more specific, the bundle pack inspection machine inspects the 1D/2D codes and expiry dates

What are area-scan cameras used for?

Posted by bestell on September 7, 2018

  Area scan cameras and line scan cameras are often used in the industrial line and it is easy to get the two of them confused. This article thus seeks to differentiate between them by explaining what area scan cameras are used for. An area scan camera is able to capture an entire object in a 4:3 frame, and they are mainly used in various industrial lines such as security monitoring, product inspection, traffic inspection,
The potential repercussions of defective goods entering the market together with the prospect of a consequential forced recall are among a manufacturer’s biggest fears. Even when the defect is not fatal, consumers can still easily share about their experiences with your product, potentially leading to damaging reputations. As such, a large amount of resources are often dedicated to quality control. At the forefront of the latest quality control technology are vision systems, automated solutions that
In the never ending pursuit of efficiency and productivity, manufacturing and production businesses are constantly on the lookout for the latest inventions. Vision systems are some of the latest innovations that allow companies to reduce their quality inspection cost by automating the process. At the same time, these inventions also ensure that defects or errors in the production process are corrected in the early stage, thus further cutting cost. The conceptualisation and installation of vision