All Types of Vision Systems In The Market

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January 8, 2018
All 8 Types of Vision Systems on the Market
January 8, 2018

All Types of Vision Systems In The Market

All types of vision systems in the market

In the never ending pursuit of efficiency and productivity, manufacturing and production businesses are constantly on the lookout for the latest inventions. Vision systems are some of the latest innovations that allow companies to reduce their quality inspection cost by automating the process. At the same time, these inventions also ensure that defects or errors in the production process are corrected in the early stage, thus further cutting cost.

The conceptualisation and installation of vision systems is quite complicated especially if you have no background in it. This is why the assistance of a vision system expert is an absolute must-have. Beyond just the infrastructure and processing systems, this expert will also help to determine the use of devices such as a line scan camera or area scan camera, which are essential components in the vision system.

What are the components of a vision system?

All vision systems are made up of multiple components that work together in order to deliver the desired outcome. At this point, it is important to note that different vision systems may have different components. However, these top three components are commonly found in all systems:

  • Processor
  • Camera interface
  • Analog or digital cameras


How does a vision system work?

One of the most important functions of a vision system is that it facilitates easy and convenient product inspection. Here is a sample of a typical process:

  1. The image sensor first detects the presence of a particular product or item for inspection.
  2. If the product or item is really present, the image sensor together with the installed light source produce an image that emphasizes the key features.
  3. After the camera’s image is fully taken, it is then converted into a digital output.
  4. The digital output is then analysed and processed by your software, triggering desired actions.


Should your business get a machine vision system?

The answer to this question depends on what industry your business is in as well as the types of products that you produce. Most importantly, given that the installation cost can be expensive, you need to consider the amount of budget available. This is especially applicable to new businesses who do not possess extensive capital. As such, it is highly recommended that you first speak to a vision system expert. By doing this, you will be able to get a complete understanding about how it works and be able to make an informed business decision.