The function of a bundle-pack vision inspection machine

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September 7, 2018
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October 26, 2020

The function of a bundle-pack vision inspection machine

The function of a bundle pack inspection machine


A bundle-pack vision inspection machine is used in the manufacturing industry to maintain quality control more accurately and swiftly than manual inspection. It contains a high-speed camera system to inspect, process and record the data of the products and their packaging. This serves as a useful tool in identifying defects within the manufacturing process that could cause product recalls.

To be more specific, the bundle-pack vision inspection machine inspects the 1D/2D codes and expiry dates of products to ensure that they are correct before it reaches consumers. 1D codes refer to one-dimensional codes like barcodes, and 2D codes are two-dimensional barcodes, which are also known as data matrix codes. An example of a 2D code is a QR code. The bundle-pack vision inspection makes sure that the codes and the date of expiration is correct, printed clearly, and positioned correctly.

The bundle-pack vision inspection machine is a stand-alone machine, complete with a stopper cylinder, a reject chute, collection bin and a gas-spring opening safety cover. It is suitable for bundle sizes of 70 x 100 x 120cm, and has a line speed of 50 to 60 bundles per minute. The vision inspection machine is recommended for end process checking, before the products are transferred over to be packed into cartons.